your mama’s favorite sing song darlin’


chloe 'coco' kinnon

Coco, also known as Chloe Kinnon, is a Nashville based drummer and singer-songwriter. Don't let the blonde hair and smile fool you, Coco is a hard hitting powerhouse musician raised on grunge and old time rock n' roll. Her musical upbringing collides with her passion for pop-r&b to create original indie-rock music suitable for all those willing to listen.

After receiving her first drum kit at the age of 3, Coco quickly realized that music was all she ever wanted to pursue. A short few years later she was writing songs on an old dirt and magic-marker covered keyboard. After many years of playing drums and writing Coco took the next step in her musical journey and began performing as a front woman. Although she embarked on many tours a drummer through her teenage years she still found time to nurture her passion for song-writing, singing, and performing.

Through her many years of writing, recording, drumming and performing live, Coco continues to bring a unique and fresh take on modern rock to the music scene. Some call it pop songs with rock instrumentation, others call it “beautiful grunge”, but most just call it “catchy and bad-ass”. Her soft punk inspired vocals and passion driven original music set the tone for a live show that is unquestionably an energized joyride. So buckle in and enjoy the trip together.


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